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5 Simple Tips for a Stress Free Kids Party

Stress-free Party Planning

1. Plan, plan, plan. About four weeks before the big day, start making plans. Write everything down and keep a checklist so that you can keep track of where everything’s at. It will help you see at a glance what is still left to be done so you can use your time more efficiently. Your planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply break the event down into the major components – invites and guest list, food, games, decorations, loot bags etc and then make a list of things to do for each component. Breaking it down like this will make the whole event seem much less overwhelming. (more…)


Kids Birthday Party Kiwi Chocolate Popsicles!

During Summer these yummy Kiwi Chocolate Popsicle’s are the perfect treat for your kids birthday party! I stumbled upon this recipe and could not wait to share it as a Kids Birthday Party Idea!

If you’re wondering how much fruit is really in these chilly snack bars, take a good look. It’s literally a slice of kiwifruit that has been dipped in a very thin, but crispy coating of chocolate and coconut oil. Thats it, easy! (more…)


Kids Party Decorations Northern Beaches

Planning a kids birthday Party can be quite a stressful and daunting task, but if you’re looking for some helpful tips to get you started, One Stop Kids Party Online Shop based in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches will certainly get you going on the right track! They supply an amazingly huge range of Kids Party Decorations & Kids Party Supplies including Party Decorations, Lolly Bags, Favours, Party Games, Pinatas, Polka Dot party supplies and a whole lot more at affordable prices.

If you have your childs birthday coming up and need some great decorations, visit their party decorations online store; or if you have any questions about their kids parties supplies, feel free to contact the friendly staff during business hours on 02 9997 8760 or 0403 811 163.


Christmas Wreath from a Hula Hoop

There are many ways to recycle your old hula hoops, or craft them in to something fun whilst your not using them.

As Christmas approaches, i’ve been preparing my Christmas decorations and decided to recycle one of my older hoops into a Christmas Wreath, it looks great on our wall near our tree and i’m excited to share with you instructions on how I made and crafted it. So lets jolly up your front door and get your home into the swing of Christmas :-) (more…)


Pre-scooped Ice-Cream Paddle Pops | Kids Parties Ideas

This is a fantastic, quick and easy idea for your kids birthday party! Now that the warmer weather is in full swing, it is an absolute MUST at kids birthday parties :-) You can mix this up by using, nut free ice cream, dairy free, ice cream or what ever ice cream you can get in a large tub in the supermarket.

Pre-scoop your ice cream, insert a small wooden spoon, roll in sprinkles, refreeze. When it’s party time, it’s ready!


Girls Birthday Parties Ideas | Girl Party Food Ideas

Princess Crown Cupcakes – for Girls Birthday Parties

Make these regal cupcakes to delight any little girl on her birthday.

Recipe for Princess crown cupcakes

For a princess who wants a perfect party cake, cook up princess crown cupcakes which will delight even the fussiest of little girls. Decorated with fondant icing, this recipe details clear decorating instructions to help any mum make an impressive cake. (more…)


Cheeky Jelly Worms Kids Birthday Party Idea

Lets face it, kids love to be cheeky and us parents are happy for cheekiness if its all in good spirits and respectable. This fantastic Jelly Worms recipe is just what the kids need to spice up their fun quirky birthday party! It’s pretty funny watching at the girls reactions to these life like jelly worms, whereas they boys seem to take it to their advantage to gorse the girls out! (more…)


Hoopscotch for Kids Parties

Throw down some hoops of different sizes in any pattern you like and you’ve got a challenging course for growing legs filled with extra vacation sugar.

Here is how to play once your hoopscotch obstacle course is set and ready to go:

  • Throw a flat stone or similar object (small beanbag, shell, button, plastic toy) to land on hula hoop one. It has to land inside the hoop without touching the border or bouncing out. If you don’t get it within the lines, you lose your turn and pass the stone to the next person. If you do get it, however, go on to the next step.
  • Hop through the hula hoops, skipping the one you have your marker on. Each square gets one foot. Which foot you start with is up to you. You can’t have more than one foot on the ground at a time, unless there are two number hula hoops right next to each other. In that case, you can put down both feet simultaneously (one in each hula hoop). Always keep your feet inside the appropriate hoop(s); if you step on the edge of the hoop, hop on the wrong square, or step out of the square, you lose your turn.
  • Pick up the marker on your way back. When you get to the last number, turn around (remaining on one foot) and hop your way back in reverse order. While you’re on the hoop right before the one with your marker, lean down (on one foot still!) and pick it up. Then, skip over that hoop and finish up.
  • Pass the marker on to the next person. If you completed the course with your marker on hoop one (and without losing your turn), then throw your marker onto hoop two on your next turn. Your goal is to complete the course with the marker on each hoop. The first person to do this wins the game!

Make it more challenging by setting a time limit. Make into a game of “speed hopscotch.” The person has a certain amount of time to complete the course, or else they lose their turn. Or you could turn it into a race!


Hula Hoop Giant Bubble Wand – Kids Birthday Parties Ideas

This great idea from No Biggie is pure genius and couldn’t be simpler. Fill a kiddie pool with a 1 to 2 ratio of water to dish soap. Its recommended letting the solution sit over night and try to keep the kids from splashing – foam is the enemy of big beautiful bubbles. Go slow, put yourself right in the middle of the fun and watch your giant bubble creations take to the sky!

To do this, you need the perfect bubble solution, a hard plastic kiddie pool and a hula hoop.

For the Bubble Solution you need:

  • 19 litres of Water
  • 10 Cups of dish soap (regular not antibacterial)

I found a few things to be helpful:

  1. Let this solution sit overnight. For some reason this helps.
  2. The less foam you make, the better your bubbles will be. Too much foam is the enemy to giant bubbles. Try to keep the splashing to a minimal.

That’s it! You’re all set for some fun Summer time giant bubble making with hula hoops :-)

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