Hula Hooping Benefits to Kids

Increasing physical activity is a key factor in reversing  obesity rates in children, which unfortunately have risen over the last decade. In my experience, getting kids to exercise in the traditional way is challenging, often with children becoming bored and disinterested of the regular old ‘star jumps’ or ‘sit ups’.

kids-partys-hula-hoopsI have found that children that normally aren’t interested in sports are enchanted by hooping as it adds a sparkle of magic and fun to kids exercise. Hooping gives kids a chance to burn lots of calories while engaging in creative, social play, and experimenting with using the hoops in a variety of ways. Hooping is a fun way to get exercise that keeps them smiling!

Age Range

Suitable for Children from the age of 5 and up


The Children are taught how to hula hoop around their waist and facilitate some fun activities using the hoop. They are also instructed on various ways of playing with hula hoops besides simply hooping around the waist such as passing the hoop around the body, hooping around the hands and overhead, legs and spinning in place with the hoop in hand depending on each child’s abilities.

Hoop Dance instruction is accompanied by fun energetic music which always get the kids up and hooping with so much enthusiasm!

Some examples of activities is an individual competition of who can hoop for the longest time. Group Activity, Pass the Hoop is an absolute winner and Hoop Frog Pond are to name a few.

Health Benefits

The health benefits to children from hula hooping are enormous! Here are some of the many fantastic reasons for children to enjoy hooping


  • Builds stamina, dexterity and coordination
  • Provides an aerobic workout, low impact
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Increases hand eye coordination
  • Educates the body to respond to rhythm
  • Builds core strength, motor skills, agility, balance
  • Builds neurological pathways
  • Tones all parts of the body
  • Trains wrists,  hands and fingers to be articulate and nimble
  • Encourages deep breathing and releases toxins
  • Gently massages the body and organs
  • Burns fat and speeds weight loss
  • Burns a minimum of 320 calories per hour, up to 600
  • Circulates the blood and promotes healthy body alignment


  • Encouranges imagination and expression
  • Clears the mind and offers a release
  • Creates a sense of flow
  • Restores the mind body connection
  • centers and calms the emotions
  • Helps develop a sense of connectedness to the body
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps overcome shyness
  • Develops an “I Can!” attitude
  • Generates feelings of radiance and a sense of power
  • Encourages playfulness, humor, joy and laughter
  • Imparts a sense of freedom
  • Promotes a sense of well being and happiness


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    "Thanks again for today. The kids had an amazing time. The hoops you made were a big hit when the kids realised they could take them home to keep practicing." Kerryn Binham