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Kids Birthday Party Idea: Winter Sleep Over Parties

While you can’t play on the swings as the playground is rained out or swim in the pool, winter birthdays don’t have to be boring! Jazz up your child’s winter birthday party with these kid-friendly ideas sure to make every child smile. Winter Kids Birthday Parties Idea: Sleep Over Parties (more…)


Kids Birthday Cake Pompom Bunting Decoration

Sweet and with pastel tones, this number garland made by Design Improvised is covered with cute pompoms and it’s great for decoration every cake or cupcake. So simple to do, that we find it impossible to believe that the result is so and so attractive! (more…)


Kids Party Food Idea: Stawberry Rose Buds

We all struggle with coming up with creative ways to entertain our kids for our Kids Birthday Parties! This birthday party strawberry rose buds are too cute not to incorporate into your children’s birthday celebrations. They can be presented as a bunch of roses in the middle of the food table and are just delicious! You have a choice of using white, dark or milk chocolate topping for variety. (more…)


5 Simple Tips for a Stress Free Kids Party

Stress-free Party Planning

1. Plan, plan, plan. About four weeks before the big day, start making plans. Write everything down and keep a checklist so that you can keep track of where everything’s at. It will help you see at a glance what is still left to be done so you can use your time more efficiently. Your planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply break the event down into the major components – invites and guest list, food, games, decorations, loot bags etc and then make a list of things to do for each component. Breaking it down like this will make the whole event seem much less overwhelming. (more…)


Pre-scooped Ice-Cream Paddle Pops | Kids Parties Ideas

This is a fantastic, quick and easy idea for your kids birthday party! Now that the warmer weather is in full swing, it is an absolute MUST at kids birthday parties :-) You can mix this up by using, nut free ice cream, dairy free, ice cream or what ever ice cream you can get in a large tub in the supermarket.

Pre-scoop your ice cream, insert a small wooden spoon, roll in sprinkles, refreeze. When it’s party time, it’s ready!


Cheeky Jelly Worms Kids Birthday Party Idea

Lets face it, kids love to be cheeky and us parents are happy for cheekiness if its all in good spirits and respectable. This fantastic Jelly Worms recipe is just what the kids need to spice up their fun quirky birthday party! It’s pretty funny watching at the girls reactions to these life like jelly worms, whereas they boys seem to take it to their advantage to gorse the girls out! (more…)


Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Pre-Adolescent Years 8-2

When your kids had only three or five candles on their birthday cakes, planning their birthday party was easy right? There was an abundance of choices, everything from magicians, to puppet shows, to Cinderella characters who swept into your living room, waved their magic wands, and transfixed a roomful of birthday party guests.

Now that your little ones have reached, or are heading toward, those pre-teen and adolescent years, birthday party planning takes on a whole different ball game. 8 to 12-year-olds have very definite ideas about how to celebrate their birthdays. Your youngster’s choices will be influenced by several factors ? including what kind of parties their friends are having and their overall developmental level and degree of maturity. (more…)


Kids Birthday Party Food Idea: Popcorn Crunch

Perfect Treat for your child’s birthday party!

I found this fantastic recipe last night, a ridiculously fun sundae. These little bowls of tasty popcorn sundae are perfect for any child’s birthday celebration. The pink, the sprinkles, the sticky sweet caramel corn- it would make for a killer party. Hope you’re having a fab week! (more…)

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